General Dentistry and Dental Check-up

Get a general dental check-up done on a walk-in basis. Treatments for loose teeth, general maintenance checkups, installing fillings, placing crowns, veneers, bridges, root canal, dentures, dental cleaning, etc are some of the procedures that can be taken care of during your dentist visit.

Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Our expert team of dentists also excels in root canal treatments, ensuring that your badly damaged or infected teeth get treated and the roots are cleaned up so that you don’t lose the tooth completely in cases like these.

Crown and Bridge

Replace your damaged or missing teeth with crowns and bridges, which are prosthetic devices that help make your smile fuller and more natural. Crown treatment can be used in case of teeth damage or fractures, and bridge treatment is done in case of missing teeth.

Tooth Replacement

We specialize in treatments such as dental implantation, implant-supported bridging, tooth-supported bridging, installation of partial dentures, complete dentures, and flippers, and more. We diagnose which treatment you would need for ideal results and go through said treatment to assure that you get the best replacement possible.

Dental Fillings

Treat your cavities by removing the decay from your teeth and filling the area from which the decayed portions were removed. We make sure that the process is carried out without any hitch and fill your teeth, plus polish them for an even finish.

General Dentistry and Dental Check-up