An Insight into your Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene speaks volumes of you – and you needn’t even utter a word!

Did you know; a simple gum infection has been known to be connected with an assortment of medical conditions, like coronary illness, paralysis, diabetes, and even Alzheimer’s. Your oral hygiene has a significant effect on both your physical and psychiatric health, which is why you should be putting in the extra effort and doing more than just going through with your everyday brushing routine.

So, what should you be doing for the best oral hygiene?

Hold off on Your Brushing

Stop brushing right after you have consumed something with acid in it. Definitely not talking about acids like HCl or anything along that lines, but acidic content in your food such as lemon, soft drinks, or food with low pH levels, as they can make your enamels soft, and therefore adversely get impacted while brushing. Even soft-bristled toothbrushes run the risk of harming your oral hygiene when your enamels are in a compromised state.

Therefore, it is advisable to put off brushing anytime immediately after having something to eat in general. It’s ideal to wait for an hour before brushing, that way you can have cleaner teeth with healthier enamels!

Speaking of soft-bristled toothbrushes, you really should strongly consider changing to one if you aren’t using it already. Of course, your usual hard-bristled toothbrushes offer to clean your teeth better than their soft counterparts, but they are damaging your enamel, hurting more than they help. Therefore, stick with a soft brush.

Also, while brushing you needn’t necessarily fight with your teeth to achieve better cleaning. Just tilt the brush slightly, and brush in circular motions slowly, instead of rushing over aggressively, this offers a therapeutic massage for a healthier tooth.

More than Just a Good Brush

In case you brush twice every day, then you might feel you already have been taking adequate care of your teeth. But then again, there’s more that you can do. Flossing and using mouthwash, is the next step in helping keep your mouth fresh and clean for longer. They help by assisting you battle plaque and to eliminate oral microbes.

So, after you brush, follow it through with the floss, and go for a quick mouth rinse lasting for 30 seconds, twice every day. This should complete your routine.

Another suggestion would be to chew on a piece of gum. There are sugar-free alternatives to your regular gum, and they assist by improving your saliva flow, in turn washing your teeth with calcium and phosphate which are known to help keep your enamel strong.

What to Cut Back On?

Remember us discussing acidic substance and enamel softening? Indeed, this is why you ought to be eliminating sugary dishes as well. As eventually, sugar changes acidic in the mouth, which would then be able to dissolve the enamel of your teeth leading to the dreaded cavities. Teas and espresso can likewise wear out your tooth’s finish too. While you don’t strictly have to stay away from such pleasures, it never hurts to be careful.

Of course, instant food, as helpful as they are in letting us get our daily source of energy without much work, they are yet indeed harmful to our dental and oral hygiene. Alternatively, eating raw, crunchy produce containing more fiber is not only great for our health but also for our jaws, as healthy chewing habits are essential for a healthy, strong tooth. So folks, zero in on getting acclimated with an eating regimen that comprises more diligently of chewing your food. And start your kids at it while they are still young. So put a top on those easy nourishments, and get those jaws working.

And smoking – as is frowned upon by every health professional, so is true with dentists. Apart from making your health generally more susceptible to the many hazards, smoking also can be related to gum diseases such as gingivitis. However, even on not considering its long-term health impacts, smoking shows a direct and immediate visual impact on the tooth, leaving them stained yellow and the mouth smelling bad; not something that anyone will be looking forward to, at the end of the day!

Dentist Appointment

You just can’t think twice about a dentist visit. Indeed, even the most loyal brushers and flossers need to see a dentist once in a while. At any rate, it is recommended to visit your dentist at least bi-yearly. Not only does this regular dental checkup help catch your tooth cavities early, but, it can also help you spot and avert other serious health issues such as mouth ulcers and cancers.


Remember, “If you aren’t happy with the results that you are getting through the efforts that you are currently putting in, it is high time that you change things up and put better effort.” The same goes for dental and oral care as well. So, follow these four steps in your attempt to make the change happen – 1) don’t brush immediately after eating (especially after consuming acidic food) & use soft bristles, 2) floss & use mouthwash regularly, 3) watch what you eat, and 4) visit your dentist at least bi-yearly!

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